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Thursday, 8 June 2006

Topic: Editorial


Psalms 89:19 Once you spoke in a vision, to your faithful people you said: "I have bestowed strength on a warrior; I have exalted a young man from among the people
20 I have found David my servant; with my sacred oil I have anointed him
21 My hand will sustain him; surely my arm will strengthen him
22 No enemy will subject him to tribute; no wicked man will oppress him
23 I will crush his foes before him and strike down his adversaries
24 My faithful love will be with him, and through my name his horn will be exalted
25 I will set his hand over the sea, his right hand over the rivers 
Living Bible: He will hold sway from the Euphrates to the Mediterranean Sea
In Exodus 23:31, however, God promises Moses: "I will establish your borders from the Red Sea to the Sea of the Philistines, and from the desert to the River. I will hand over to you the people who live in the land and you will drive them out before you.
In other words, the sea referred to in Psalm 89 could be both or either of the two.

Ps 72:8 He will rule from sea to sea and from the River to the ends of the earth. NIV

26 He will call out to me, 'You are my Father, my God, the Rock my Savior.
27 I will also appoint him my firstborn, the most exalted of the kings of the earth
28 I will maintain my love to him forever, and my covenant with him will never fail
29 I will establish his line forever, his throne as long as the heavens endure
30 "If his sons forsake my law and do not follow my statutes
31 If they violate my decrees and fail to keep my commands
32 I will punish their sin with the rod, their iniquity with flogging
33 But I will not take my love from him, nor will I ever betray my faithfulness
34 I will not violate my covenant or alter what my lips have uttered
35 Once for all, I have sworn by my holiness--and I will not lie to David-
36 That his line will continue forever and his throne endure before me like the sun
37 It will be established forever like the moon, the faithful witness in the sky." <Selah

From the above it must be clear that Messiah will not return before Israel has not been restored to the dimensions of the glorious kingdoms of David and Solomon. Yes, he will return to save Israel, but not from her present enemies (as in May 2005) who want to strip her from even the small sliver of land along the Mediterranean the nations are willing to let her have. We showed this by means of about one hundred cross references to Romans 11:26 in our article "And All Israel will be saved." It is also clear from the facts stated about the all-out attack of Gog and Magog and her allies on Israel in the Armageddon war as it is described in Ezek 38:

7 "'Get ready; be prepared, you and all the hordes gathered about you, and take command of them.
8 After many days you will be called to arms. In future years you will invade a land that has recovered from war [viz. with her Arab neighbors], whose people were gathered from many nations to the mountains of Israel
 [that the nations presently want to give to the Arabs, viz. in Judea and Samaria, the so-called Westbank], which had long been desolate. They had been brought out from the nations, and now all of them live in safety [without Moslem terrorists].
9 You and all your troops and the many nations with you will go up, advancing like a storm; you will be like a cloud covering the land.
10 "'This is what the Sovereign LORD says: On that day thoughts will come into your mind and you will devise an evil scheme.
11 You will say, "I will invade a land of unwalled villages; I will attack a peaceful and unsuspecting people-all of them living without walls and without gates and bars
[viz. the barrier/wall/fence the Sharon government is erecting along the 1967 "Green Line"].
12 I will plunder and loot and turn my hand against the resettled ruins and the people gathered from the nations, rich in livestock and goods, living at the center of the land."
13 Sheba and Dedan and the merchants of Tarshish and all her villages will say to you, "Have you come to plunder? Have you gathered your hordes to loot, to carry off silver and gold, to take away livestock and goods and to seize much plunder?" ' NIV

YES, Israel will be be attacked because of her wealth - as we see from the following commentaries:

  • Her neighboring foes no longer molest her... The commercial nations, Sheba, Dedan, Tarshish and its villages (38:13), are also interested in this invasion [for the spoils] [Islam will probably not be a factor anymore - Zionsake Editor]
    (from The Wycliffe Bible Commentary, Electronic Database. Copyright (c) 1962 by Moody Press)
  • (Ezek 38:1-13) According to the project thus formed he pours in all his forces upon the land of Israel, and finds those that are ready to come in to his assistance with the same prospects (v. 9): "Thou shalt ascent and come like a storm, with all the force, and fury, and fierceness imaginable, and thou shalt be like a cloud to cover the land, to darken it, and to threaten it, thou and not only all thy bands, all the force thou canst bring into the field, but many people with thee" (such as are spoken of v. 13), "Sheba and Dedan, the Arabians and the Edomites, and the merchants of Tarshish, of Tyre and Sidon and other maritime cities, they and their young lions that are greedy of spoil and live upon it, shall say, Hast thou come to take the spoil of this land?" Yes he has; and therefore they wish him success. Or perhaps they envy him, or grudge it to him. "Hast thou come for riches who art thyself so rich already?" Or, knowing that God was on Israel's side, they thus ridicule his attempts, foreseeing that they would be baffled and that he would be disappointed of the prey he promised himself. Or, if he come to take the prey, they will come and join with him, and add to his forces. When Lysias, who was general of Antiochus's army, came against the Jews, the neighbouring nations joined with him (1 Mac. 3:41), to share in the guilt, in hopes to share in the prey. When thou sawest a thief then thou consentedst with him.
    (from Matthew Henry's Commentary on the Whole Bible: New Modern Edition, Electronic Database. Copyright (c) 1991 by Hendrickson Publishers, Inc.)
  • Isa 16:4 Let My outcasts dwell with you, O Moab; Be a shelter to them from the face of the spoiler. For the extortioner is at an end, Devastation ceases, The oppressors are consumed out of the land. 5 In mercy the throne will be established; And One will sit on it in truth, in the tabernacle of David, Judging and seeking justice and hastening righteousness." NKJV

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